Booming miner store is one of the world’s leading distributors of mining equipment specializing in offering ASIC miners and a wide range of GPUs, complementary accessories and more.  We offer one-stop crypto miners digital shopping.  Customers can enjoy an interactive shopping experience through the website.  Booming miner Store provides online training and coaching for all published products.  In addition, we provide excellent after-sales service by providing guidance and assistance to the buyers. 

Why choose Booming miner store?

Advice and insider info from crypto experts

Lots of cryptocurrency retailers just sell products and leave their customers to figure out the world of crypto on their own. The team at Bitcoin Merch is here to help you make the leap into the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency with confidence. We’ve helped thousands of customers build a new income source and contribute to the decentralization and distribution of crypto.

Our dedicated executive team consists of Idan, Roy, Ethen, and Ori. We pride ourselves on our expertise and the personal touch we provide to our customers, from including free candy with your order to being your go-to resource for all things crypto.

We employ salaried representatives whose primary focus is to know and love our products and our customers. Our reps have an average of 7 years of industry experience and go through product trainings and certifications on a weekly basis. You will not find another source that has more industry involved reps on call for you all the time. We only sell what we would and do have in our own homes. Honesty and integrity are the most important pieces to our business and reputation.

Buying Power?

About Booming Asic Founder Justin Abada Like so many successful startups, Bitcoin Merch began as a passion-driven side hustle in a garage and grew to a multimillion dollar online retailer, due in large part to the dedication of its founder, Justin Abada.
Abada was always a fan of tech, and before launching Booming Asic, he managed an online e-commerce website selling drones. Seeing the potential of cryptocurrency, he took up mining as a hobby in 2015. Wanting to introduce more people to the opportunities of cryptocurrency, he began selling mining equipment and sharing his knowledge of the industry through social media, including his popular YouTube channel, How Much?

Bitcoin Merch launched in 2017 and has grown into a leading provider of cryptocurrency equipment in just a few short years.
Start (or continue) your journey into the world of crypto. Shop our cryptocurrency mining equipment, hardware, and merch. Or book our custom assembly and consulting services.

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